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About Us

FOUNDER: Vedat Alp.

The Company: Alp Financial was formed in 2007 out of the realization that both businesses and employees need help in understanding their goals when it comes to Employee Benefits and employee retention through the offering of accessible employee benefits. This cumulates with the need for business owners to protect their assets while focusing on the development of their business. Understanding those goals ALP Financial works with businesses and their employees to put together protection, plans for building wealth, retaining profits and preserving assets.

Our Alp Financial Office provides relationship-based services and resources for businesses and/or individuals to enact the right cost- efficient solutions for their business in order to help achieve the desired financial and employee benefit goals. We offer an objective, customized and comprehensive approach to our research and business solutions.

At ALP Financial, corporate responsibility is a fundamental part of who we are. Since 2007, we’ve made businesses and people a priority and today, that commitment to our customers continues. It includes our employees and financial professionals with over fifty years (50 years) combined experience, the communities where we live and work, and our environment. For us, it is about doing the right thing for the people who matter most.

How We Benefit You

  • We will save you time and money by evaluating your existing financial structure and finding more cost-efficient ways to manage the business resources and offer workplace solutions:
  • Employee Benefits and Group Plans
  • Qualified Plan Administration
  • 401K Installation
  • Employee Education & Financial Wellness programs
  • Provide you with the software tools to help manage personal and business cash flow
  • Review and or help you establish the appropriate financial plan for your business
  • Lastly, our products are simply not limited to ALP Financial. With our open architecture of services if we find that a product and services are not the best fit, we will implement products through our reputable companies in which we have alliance agreements. You can rest assured that we have a broad enough platform to service all your needs.

Team qualifications:

We have over 50 plus combined years of experience

Certified Financial Planner      Health Insurance Licensed Investment Advisor     Registered

Chartered Financial Consultant      Life Insurance Licensed Representative     Registered

Retirement Income Certified Professional      Property & Casualty     Disability & Long -Term Care

Our Team

our team
  • Life, Retirement and Financial Planning
  • Employee Group Benefits
  • Attraction, Recruitment, and Retention of Key Employees
  • Key Person Insurance Needs
  • Buy/Sell Agreement Review and Funding
  • 401(k) and Retirement Plan Analysis
  • Advanced Retirement Planning
  • Informal Business Valuation
  • Business asset Protection
  • Business Lawsuit protection
  • Commercial and Business Own Auto
  • Business Succession/Continuation Planning




Our Bragging Rights

Here we can put somethings that ALP has accomplished. example (in the 15 years any awards, any special accomplishments for a charity etc.

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