Pay As You Go Workers’ Compensation

Eliminate the Burden of Workers’ Compensation

What is Pay As You Go Workers’ Comp?

Pay as you go workers’ compensation allows you to make premium payments each time you run payroll. Your workers’ comp insurance liability is spread out throughout the year.
Traditional workers’ comp plans require large lump sum payments to cover the estimated cost of your liability. But with pay as you go workers’ comp, the amount you pay is based on each payroll you run. If you add or lose employees, your premium liability will change.
We partnered with most of payroll providers to offer pay as you go as an alternative to traditional workers’ comp..

Traditional Premium Payments for Worker's Compensations

1) Premium based on estimated payroll
2) Limited payment terms
3) Large up-front deposit required
4) Greater risk of additional premium due at year-end audit
5) Finance and billing fees
6) Need to hand write checks and send via email risking late payments or cancellation

ALP's Pay as you go Premium Payments for Workers Compensation

1) Premium based on actual payroll
2) payments spread-out over payroll cycle
3) Little to no down payment required
4) No over or underpayment at year-end audit
5) No Finance or billing fees
6) Eliminates writing checks and assures accurate, on-time payments


Continue running payroll as usual. This will ensure employee count and wage data is up to date.
The amount owed is deducted and sent to the insurance company
Premium is then calculated each payroll cycle
Large lump sum payments are eliminated, making workers’ compensation an expense the employer can budget.

Benefits of pay as you go insurance

In a Pay As You Go Workers’ Compensation program, there are various benefits for the employer.

Have questions? Speak with one of our insurance experts to find the right coverage for your business

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